Thanks for Visiting my Page…

This is the place where you can see and hear what I am up to, inquire about gigs, tours, lessons, etc. A lesson at your place of choosing runs $50/hr. Now thats value!

Also if your in a jam and need a drummer to fill a spot, give me a buzz. I have spent many a night playing songs where rehearsal consists of, “ok, this ones swings, is in four about this fast….go” live on stage.

Right now Im learning to build this website by myself so please be patient as this thing will probably get pretty screwy. Thanks!

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Whole Lotta Learnin

I am posting this to see if I can insert a successful blog. If your reading this im probably punting this computer across Manor road right now. Look at my little scoot….Wahhhhh

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First Post

This is the first blog post.

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